To sensitize the school children and people about forest conservation, wildlife preservation and protection of environment, the Academy organizes three types of sensitization programmes.

a) Nature study camps:

Nature study camps are organized in the natural forest of the Academy campus. School children and teachers are taken on a nature trial, explained regarding identification of trees and their importance for clean environment. Rock climbing is also included as part of the camp activity. Message oriented films on Bio-diversity, Wild Life conservation and importance of Medicinal plants, etc are shown to the children. An herbal garden with 70 varieties of medicinal plants had been set up on the campus and it is adding immense educational value to the children and Trainees as well.

b) Eco-sensitization meets:

To sensitize the children about forest conservation, wildlife preservation and protection of environment, eco-sensitization meets are organized at various schools in twin cities. During these meets lectures on various forestry, wild life and environmental aspects are delivered, apart from conducting Quiz, mobile exhibition also projecting films on forestry and environment.

c) Back to Nature – Road Shows:

Mobile exhibitions are organized as part of the road shows conducted in various public parks of twin cities. Focus of the interaction with public is on conservation aspects of forests, wild life and the eco-systems. Some films on wildlife are also projected.